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Nature is great… Let’s preserve it


The Curi Maurizio Farm was founded in 2002 after I inherited the business my parents started in 1952, which prospered thanks to the work of my grandfather and then my father. We have always tended to the fruit and vegetables growing in our land immersed in the Marche countryside with great love. My grandmother and mother have always shown the same dedication to the land.
Over time the family expanded and its needs changed along with the market’s evolution; we had to reevaluate the situation in order to maintain the same product quality while following the natural evolution of the times.
Our production of raw ingredients grew along these lines, also by experimenting with new products. But our household’s “policy” has always been bound to genuineness; I still remember my grandmother’s saying: “What we give to others is what we eat too”… perhaps she said it a bit differently with her Marche dialect but this was the basic underlying meaning… only natural and genuine products!
Early in the year 2000, a distant relative from America visited us and suggested that our products deserved to be launched on the market. So I took up the reins of the company and expanded the business along with my brother and my entire family, thus integrating the cultivation and sale of fresh fruit with the production and marketing of jams, fruits in syrup and minced fruit with only one rule: the same as my grandmother’s, that is, only genuine, good and natural products. We carried out many tests over the years in order to understand and select the best types of fruit; each product represents in-depth studies to understand which type of fruit was better for one use rather than another; all of this was carried out with great commitment by all. I never wanted to give in to market rules by using additives such as preservatives, colourings and pectin, as I’ve always thought that an attentive consumer would understand the potential and quality of our products. Perhaps this took more time, but I was willing to wait, and now I can say that my and my family’s patience is beginning to be rewarded!